SFF Detroit

Schools for the Future-Detroit is enrolling students for September 2014!

Students about to enter high school who are two or more years behind academically are welcome to enroll. SFF accepts students regardless of entering reading and math skill levels.

"No one is targeting at-risk kids like Schools for the Future. It’s a very powerful model….it offers one of the most comprehensive, innovative approaches to teaching we’ve reviewed. - Lou Glazer, Michigan Future

Interesting in being an SFF student?

Let us know and we’ll get right back in touch to schedule an interview so you can learn about us and we can learn about you.

Want to join our Detroit staff team? 

We’re always looking for creative, collaborative people who care deeply about creating a different kind of educational experience for students who have struggled in traditional school settings.

Here's who we need:

  • School for the Future is a fully performance-based school that uses flexible modular scheduling. Students advance at their own pace - which means SFF staff must become extremely strong masters of differentiated instruction. You also need be 100% willing (eager!) to leave behind the traditional school day schedule and classroom format. If you've been working in a traditional high school, this will be a radical but initially frustrating change. We want people who will manage the transition to SFF's personalized learning and performance-based environment with...delight.
  • Schools for the Future relies on blended learning. All SFF curriculum and acceleration programs must be online and accessible to students 24/7 so that they have every opportunity to accelerate their learning. You can't just be "ok" with educational technology. You need to see it as essential. You'll be using it all the time to manage manage courses, support student projects, communicate and do "real time" tracking of student progress. 
  • Schools for the Future staff operate as a team. No teacher or classroom is an island unto herself or himself. Every adult is a multifaceted team member who needs to wear different hats and be part of a variety of learning moments. Today, you're a math teacher and advisor/learning coach. Tomorrow you might become a student's Learning Quest project advisor. Thursday you might be teaching a group of students (including those not in your courses or advisory) how to use Prezi. Friday you might be running team-building games in a Wellness/PE module. 
  • Most importantly, you need to love working with students Schools for the Future serves. You need to know how to build strong relationships with young people with lots of different personalities and styles. And you have to fundamentally share our belief that they can succeed given the right (SFF!) environment. We're here to do whatever it takes to provide the space, time and support each student needs.

About Detroit SFF

Students who graduate from SFF Detroit will receive a regular high school diploma and will pass the same comprehensive assessments required of all Michigan high school students. SFF students will also be prepared to score a 21 or higher on the ACT Test, a national college admissions exam. Because the school is fully performance-based, students graduate as soon as they demonstrate they are college and career ready, whether it takes 3, 4, or 5 years.

SFF Detroit will operate as a public charter school. The school will be managed by Equity Educational Management Solutions.