How SFF Works

The only thing keeping many students from graduating is a good school. A school where people meet students where they’re at, ignite their hopes for the future, and give them tools to reach their full potential. A school where people see beyond the walls of a single building to the wealth of learning resources and tools the community and world have to offer. A school where students are fiercely loyal to each other and unite as a force to ensure academic and career success.

 A School of the Future (SFF) is that place.

Our Students and Our Mission

SFF serves students who are about to enter high school and are two or more years behind academically, regardless of reading and math skill levels. SFF's goal is to graduate 100% of its students, including those furthest behind academically, within five years or less, ready to succeed in postsecondary education/training and careers without the need for college level remediation.

  “Today, low-income youth have an 8% chance of graduating from college within a 6-year timeframe.NPR Broadcast: Fresh Air. April 28, 2011

What Makes SFF Unique

Performance-Based Advancement

Students move at their own pace toward graduation through SFF’s four performance levels: Core I, Core 2, Transitions, and Pathways. It’s what they know and can show, not how much time they spend in a classroom seat. As they advance levels, their “campus” of learning opportunities expands beyond the walls of the school to include community-based “learning quests”, internships, online courses, and dual enrollment college courses.

Transformative “Recuperative/College Prep” Curriculum

No year-long courses here. Engaging 30-day modules let students go deep to develop a focused set of skills. Modules are typically thematic, like Hip Hop Poetry or Mind, Body, & Soul, and include a meaningful product students complete to demonstrate their skills. And no remedial track here either. Students address learning gaps while tackling college style work - at the same time (it can be done!). Typical remediation and credit recovery approaches don’t inspire students to succeed. They’re uninspiring or confidence-eroding and often drive them out of school.

Mobile Technology Empowerment

Survey says…people would rather live without chocolate or coffee than their mobile device. At SFF, we can’t do school without them. Every student has a tablet – their own or one we help provide – so they access classes and other high quality learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Deep Commitment to Comprehensive Student Support and Youth Development

A “pact” is an alliance and agreement you create with someone. At SFF, all students join PACT teams of 10-12 students. Their team is the hub their SFF experience – where they get and give support and where they develop “I can do this” confidence and social and emotion IQ they need to be successful students and human beings. Students also use PACT team time to explore their interests and organize community-building activities that make SFF the school they want it to be. Each SFF school also partners with a community-based multiservice agency that can provide other critical wraparound support services including in-school and out-of-school counseling, family, health, housing and job training services.