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Schools for the Future was founded by Ephraim Weisstein, creator of Diploma Plus, a nationally acclaimed alternative high school model operating 30 schools in eight states and serving 4,000 formerly disconnected youth.

In 2008, filled with lessons from past school development experiences and excited by emerging technologies that could accelerate the “break from seat time,” Ephraim began work on a new approach for helping students with serious academic skill gaps not only catch up but graduate ready for college, with college course experience already under their belts.

With support from the Mott Foundation, Ephraim pooled the talents of curriculum designers, technologists and youth development specialists to develop the SFF model and field test strategies, including the use of mobile tablets, an early and bold move designed to ensure that struggling students in our largest cities have access to 21st century tools for 21st century learning. 

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After three years of planning, SFF’s first pilot school opened in Jacksonville, Florida, in August 2011, as a regular Duval County Public school. In keeping with SFF’s holistic approach, the Jacksonville school is located on the campus of The Bridge of Northeast, a community organization that can bring quality wraparound services to SFF students.

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And now the adventure continues in Detroit where we are hard at work launching our first of several schools in Michigan.  SFF Detroit will open in September 2012. If you are a student or an inspired technology-loving teacher from Detroit, we hope to see you there. 

Learning is constant,
time is variable. 

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By Chris Sturgis, Bob Rath, Ephraim Weisstein, and Susan Patrick


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